Saturday, 10 January 2015

Spontaneity Is The Best Medicine

So, today I signed up for this…

Colour Me Rad 5k Bristol
I think I may have temporarily lost my mind. I haven't run a distance non-stop even close to that for at least 6 years. But you know what? I think that decision was probably one of the best decisions I've made for myself in years. It was empowering. I didn't over think it. I didn't convince myself not to do it because I 'wouldn't have time to train' because of 'dissertation or work commitments' I've convinced myself are more important than doing something for me. Im sure you all know that routine.

That was the second unnaturedly spontaneous decision I made this week. On Thursday morning I wandered into the hairdressers and had 4 inches lopped off my hair. I haven't had short hair since I was about 14 years old, it was absolutely terrifying the first time and I haven't let anyone cut more than a centimetre off it since then. I have a round face and a busy schedule so having short hair is really a no brainer for me but I'm not a huge fan of change, in fact it scares the b'jesus out of me. Why, I'm not sure but I've always had long hair, better to keep it that way right? No. I was so worried that people wouldn't like it. I was worried about what they might think.

WHY? My hair, my life, my choice. So I did it and you know what, everyone loves it! Even my OH who really liked my long hair. I was worried for nothing, I've been thinking about it and debating doing something that I really wanted to do because of what other people would think. Who cares? Its just hair. Its not life and death, its not forever. When did I start taking what everyone else thinks so seriously?

I also signed up for this (aren't I on a role?)

Simple Green Smoothies - 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge
Im a huge fan of Smoothies and Juices anyway and drink at least 5 a week but I'm starting to really take notice of everything I'm putting into my body (plus they give you 30 days worth of shopping lists a recipes, pretty good right?) Im actually also taking increasingly more notice of what everyone else is putting into their bodies and getting more and more disgusted by it. We're all making ourselves so ill.

At the end of the day, our bodies are the only thing we really have that are totally within our control. At the same time I realise its not about whats 'good' or 'bad' for us. If we see food as 'bad' we'll never eat them, which makes us want them more. Its about understanding where our nutrition comes from and eating according to maximum benefit. Yes, we can cheat, we're all human. Its not about being perfect, its about being good to ourselves.

Be The Best Possible Version of Yourself